Introducing Frog Pring Broga

"Hopping" to bring you all some good cheer!

We love a good folk tale here at Bluebell Peak Designs and our lead designer Yanina couldn't help herself with this creation. Whimsical toadstools, magical frogs what more could a lover of Fairy Tales want? We hope this little fella catches your eye and hopefully springs into a new home this Autumn.

Quick kiss him before its too late!

New To YouTube.

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Coming Soon

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In honor of our lovely British otters that still thrive in the UK. My Husband and I were lucky enough to see a wild pair in Scotland as part of the RSPB otter walk in North Uist. (Which is a must do if you visit the island). A personal favourite of mine and a big inspiration for Bluebell Peak Designs small effort to celebrate British Wildlife. As such these amazing creatures will always have a special place which a love like no 'otter'.

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